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  • What is a Title Loan?

    A title loan, also known as a car title pawn loan, depending on the state you’re in, is a convenient and hassle free borrowing option available to individuals who own a car and need money quickly. This option is ideal for individuals with a low credit score or is ideal for those persons who do not have the necessary collateral to get a loan from a traditional institution, such as a bank or credit union. Getting a title loan is an extremely simple process and once you own your own vehicle, such as a car, SUV or motorcycle and have a lien free title, you can get the funding you need.

    When it comes to getting a title loan, the borrower, must complete the necessary application and present the company with their title and the vehicle for evaluation. Once the vehicle is evaluated, the lending company will determine the value of the vehicle and offer the loan based on how much the vehicle is worth. The good thing about a title loan is, the borrower retains possession of the vehicle while they repay the loan and the company holds the title until the loan is repaid in full. However, while the borrower retains use of their vehicle, the company has the right to repossess it if you forfeit on the terms of your loan.

  • What is a Registration Loan?

    A registration loan, unlike a title loan, is a type of payday loan that the borrower receives while they await their next paycheck. A registration loan, can be defined as a combination of both a title loan and a payday loan, in that, the borrower uses the title of their vehicle to secure the loan they receive. The difference between a title loan and a registration loan is, while the vehicle being used must be registered in the borrower’s name, the vehicle doesn’t need to be paid for in full in order for you to get a registration loan. Because the vehicle doesn’t need to be paid off in full, the lender cannot repossess your vehicle in the event that you compromise on your loan and doesn’t repay it in full during the specified time frame.

    When to Take out a Registration Loan?

    Anyone can take out a registration loan; however, you should only take a registration loan if you intend to repay the loan in full on your next payday because a registration loan is not repaid in parts and instead must be repaid all at once. You may also qualify for a registration loan if you have a title for a vehicle that you share with someone because the borrower isn’t allowed to repossess your vehicle if you forfeit on the loan.

  • Why refinance your loan?

    Loan refinancing or debt consolidation is the process of rolling all your current loans into one new loan with a lower interest and repayment rate. While refinancing your loan makes it possible to combine more than one loan, you can also refinance only one loan if you believe the interest rate and repayment terms are too high. Loan refinancing makes repayment more manageable for the borrower and is an option that should be considered if your debt is manageable and you are serious about repaying your loan. Because loan refinancing can put you in a worse position than you are already in. When it comes to debt refinancing, you must be seriously ready to get out of debt, rather than to consolidate your loan only to buy time and get a little breathing room.

    While loan refinancing gives you a lower repayment amount, it makes no sense to refinance your debt if you do not know how you’re going to repay the new figure. Before you refinance your loans, ask yourself these two questions:

    • Are all my unsecured (personal loans, credit cards and medical bills) debts combined, less than half my income?
    • Can these unsecured debts be repaid within five years or less?

    Loan refinancing is an attractive prospect for individuals who are truly in debt and need a solution to get out of debt. If you are serious about getting out of debt and want to live a debt free life, loan refinancing is for you.

  • How to get a business loan?

    Getting a business loan is no small feat. This process becomes even more difficult for small businesses that need funding to meet their everyday expenses or to get their business up and running. While it can be a real hassle getting the funding you need for your business, being prepared is key to achieving success and getting the money your business needs. So, how do you get a business loan? To get a business loan, think ahead and follow these five steps:

    1. Think about why you need the loan – how will the loan help your business grow? Do you need the loan to cover operational expenses or do you need the loan to invest in something; thus, growing your business?
    2. Search around for the loan that’s best for you – choose the business loan that meets your specific business needs and provide terms that you can meet easily.
    3. The lender is also important – while the right loan is crucial to your business need, the right lender is equally as important. Compare your options and ensure that the lender is right for you.
    4. Learn about your qualifications before you apply – do your research and get all the information you need to determine if you will qualify for a business loan. Check your credit score because this plays a vital role in your acceptance for a business loan.
    5. Have everything ready – your research will tell you what documents lenders require in order for you to qualify for a business loan; therefore, before you apply, ensure that you have all these necessary documents ready for delivery if they ask for them.

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